The Seekers of the Fell take on the Tomb of Horrors

How the seekers came to be...

Inro Adventure hook

My name is Hexian Xinn and this is the chronicling of a journey that will take years to complete and possibly my or my team member’s lives. I pray that I can tell this story personally and not as a result of a party coming after us and finding my remains with this parchment amongst our corpses. I will describe my team before I start our tale.
I was raised in a small nameless town in the same area as the fey but far enough away as to not get attacked by its insane magics. I had a beautiful voice from the time I could talk and quickly gained work as I grew by performing as a bard in both my own town and the towns nearby performing for dignitaries and royalty alike. Naturally my job was almost chosen for me and I loved to hear the applause and see the smiled I brought to the faces of my audiences. I spent my years studying musical weaponry and the art of the quill. This study brought me through my adolescence and into adult hood. When I was just 26 I hit a large boulder in the road of my life. I sang to a beautiful young lady whom I believed to be single in a large village but was betrayed as she was the wife of the baron who ruled that town. Unwilling to listen to reason and furious that I had the gall he had his best sorcerer remove my voice from my neck and seal the hole that was created magically so that I may never have the joy of song again. I spent the next 7 years perfecting my musicality and writing skills. Several years ago I met with a paladin of Moradin, Lord Magstine Battleheart.
Lord Battleheart is a compelling and courageous leader. Any under his command would gladly lay down sword, shield and life if he only requested it. He spent many years defending the area around his town with the help of his god. Sometime before I met him Moradin appeared to him in a vision and set him on a holy quest. Lord Battleheart is a true descendant of the dwarven god and in service of his holy father was charged with the task of ridding not just his town but the entire region including the fey of as much evil and dark magic as is possible. He now feels honor bound to leave his homeland in search of this Evil



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