The Seekers of the Fell take on the Tomb of Horrors

How the seekers came to be...
Inro Adventure hook

My name is Hexian Xinn and this is the chronicling of a journey that will take years to complete and possibly my or my team member’s lives. I pray that I can tell this story personally and not as a result of a party coming after us and finding my remains with this parchment amongst our corpses. I will describe my team before I start our tale.
I was raised in a small nameless town in the same area as the fey but far enough away as to not get attacked by its insane magics. I had a beautiful voice from the time I could talk and quickly gained work as I grew by performing as a bard in both my own town and the towns nearby performing for dignitaries and royalty alike. Naturally my job was almost chosen for me and I loved to hear the applause and see the smiled I brought to the faces of my audiences. I spent my years studying musical weaponry and the art of the quill. This study brought me through my adolescence and into adult hood. When I was just 26 I hit a large boulder in the road of my life. I sang to a beautiful young lady whom I believed to be single in a large village but was betrayed as she was the wife of the baron who ruled that town. Unwilling to listen to reason and furious that I had the gall he had his best sorcerer remove my voice from my neck and seal the hole that was created magically so that I may never have the joy of song again. I spent the next 7 years perfecting my musicality and writing skills. Several years ago I met with a paladin of Moradin, Lord Magstine Battleheart.
Lord Battleheart is a compelling and courageous leader. Any under his command would gladly lay down sword, shield and life if he only requested it. He spent many years defending the area around his town with the help of his god. Sometime before I met him Moradin appeared to him in a vision and set him on a holy quest. Lord Battleheart is a true descendant of the dwarven god and in service of his holy father was charged with the task of ridding not just his town but the entire region including the fey of as much evil and dark magic as is possible. He now feels honor bound to leave his homeland in search of this Evil

Our first dark and deadly encounter
The seekers get their first taste of what the fey has to offer

After waking from a drunken stupor and rousing my friends we quickly set about gathering our belongings for what may be our final voyage. 2 parties of the village’s strongest hunters have ventured into the fey to see what has been causing all the new beast attacks along the roads but to no avail as we never heard from them again. We set off around half 8 and after being on the road for 2 hours we saw a small clearing and immediately felt the trouble brewing in the air. we hurried to what appeared to be a wagon but now it resembled firewood more than anything else. as we surveyed the scene Heil heard the cries of a dying man on the other side of the wagon. I looked over his wounds and concluded with the help of Lord Magstine that he was beyond our help. He claimed that his legs were blown off in the beginning of the attack. and after that the beasts ate his comrades. they moved as if being commanded from far away but with military precision. i played a soft lullaby that i had learned as a child as his eyes rolled back and he departed this plane. just as i stopped we heard a rustling in the bushes. As we readied ourselves a unicorn and 3 hideous displacer beasts (Shakers as my mother always called them) came from the direction of the fey but they were different from others i have seen. They were covered in what looked like a black spot about 1 foot wide all over their bodies. we tried to get in position but they quickly surrounded us and started hitting us from every side. my comrades and i fought valiantly but over half our attacks wen straight through them as if they weren’t even there. I am still impressed at the speed and fluidity of my monk friend Dorn as he weaved through the attacking creatures smashing them all as he moved in between them. I will never forget what happened next, Lord Magstine decapitated the unicorn after a few seconds and i watched as blood and bone spilled out. Just as the head was about to hit the ground it stopped and rose back up and placed itself upon the neck of the unicorn again. If not for the encouragement I gained from watching Lord Magstine fight I don’t know that if we would have gone on. The unicorn body moved as if it was a marionette in a puppet show and attacked once more before falling limp to the ground. Shortly thereafter it was joined by 3 very bloody displacer beasts. I am always amazed at Lord Magstine’s battle presence as he smashed one of the beasts so hard it died instantly as its body convulsed and all but exploded from one hit at the hands of Lord Battleheart We were definitely not renewed but we were back in good spirits after a short rest. after cleaning our weapons and armor we started to make our way into the Fey…. TO BE CONTINUED

Approaching the fey crossing
Woodland woes

As we continued to follow the trail of evil that led us further into the woods we cam upon a strange clearing. It was strange in that it was by far the largest clearing we had encountered and also inside of it was what appeared to be unconscious or dead women. being the good man that he is Heil walked forward to investigate and as he bent down to check on one of the women seized him by the leg and attacked him and us. we quickly took a formation we are slowly becoming accustomed to but then as we fought the now exposed Dryads women flew from the treeline and attacked us. They were women but had wings and claws like birds. their song was irresistible one would drag us all together while the others assailed us with screams of anger and pain. While we were distracted the dryads were also attacking us. We slowly dispatched one of the dryads and then one of the harpies. thanks to some quick work on my part and Lord Magstine’s we kept the party refreshed and fighting as we mended wounds with divine and musical sources. I almost exhausted myself when I acted quickly and filled my team with a war chant i had learned years ago in a particularly nasty fight with a wizard whom had turned dark and taken over a mansion to the south. This particular chant causes the mind to focus and every one of my allies to move more accurately. As the harpies continued to attack so to did my friends. After several minutes of combat we finally dispatched the last of our foes and withstood the last of the puppet-like attacks from the final foe. after such a long and arduous day we needed to rest before we final found the source of this dark and horrific magic. we set a post and made our camp for the night. I pray that i have seen the height of the horrors we will witness but i know that this will not be the case.


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